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Whether it's a gift for a loved one for a new arrival or perhaps your teething dribble monster is in need of a solution, this guide will help you choose the one that is best for him or her.

Tips For Choosing The Best Bib

The type of bib will very much depend on the individual baby. Let's look at some different types of bib in the market today and what best to look for.

The Dribble Bib

What is a dribble bib? A dribble bib is excellent long term solution for a teething or gummy baby and certainly the most popular type of bib. The reason this type of bib is so popular is because they are low-maintenance, portable, easy to wash and are extremely effective in absorbing dribbles throughout the day. Usually constructed from soft 100% organic cotton, these types of bibs can be worn all day, can be colour co-ordinated with their outfit and are minimal maintainance. To take this type of bib off your baby you simply need to gently pull apart the popper buttons. There are a number of styles of dribble bib ranging from pretty floral patterns to popular plain colours. We prefer the bandana style as it is small and can be worn whilst your baby is roaming. We at Totsi make this type of bib as do several other retailers. Prices usually start from around £2.50 upwards. Please take a look at our range here.

Here's some pictures of our bibs.

baby boys dribble bibfloral baby girls totsi dribble bib

The Burping Bib

Lightweight and usually purchased for newborn baby to catch those unexpected burbs after feeding time . These type of bibs tend to be made from muslin or super lightweight fabric. A great temporarily solution until the baby is ready to wear a bandana bib.

A recent trend that we have noticed appearing is burb clothes to be put on your shoulder. This is an interesting idea and we hope it gains traction here in the United Kingdom. If buying a bib specifically for burping isn't for you, a good solution is to have some small muslin clothes on hand.

Food Bib

These are bibs that are specifically designed to be worn during dinner time! These type of bibs come in a variety of fabrics and materials and tend to be heavier in weight than your average day to day bib. Some feeding bibs can even be made from moulded silicone and feature a tray to catch those crumbs.

When looking to purchase these type of items I would recommend focussing on the quality of the construction over how visually pleasing it is. If the bib is made from cotton ensure it is double layered to safeguard from any spills coming through, or perhaps consider a waterproof silicone feeding bib.

Teething Bib

What is a teething bib? Very similar in function to the classic bandana bib with an additional attached teething toy or area to which your baby can chew. Designed to soak up those dribbles and keep your little one occupied. This is something we're currently working on designing ourselves. In the meantime I would check out established high street brands such as Mothercare - it very is important that the attached teething toy passes all UK health and safety regulartions therefore I would avoid any of the unregulated market places. Ideally you would want this product to be made from GOTS certified organic cotton and the teething toy either wood or silicone.

Apron Bib

Similar in function to the food bib and dribble bib. This type is usually made from cotton or polyester with waterproof lining. Ideally this type of bib will catch those splashes, crumbs and dribbles. Some brands even feature sleeves.

Well gang, I hope that's been helpful for you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us or leave a comment!