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Are you struggling to find the correct type of hair clip for your baby? Or perhaps you're wondering what type of gift to purchase for a new arrival? This guide should help you!

Tips For Choosing The Most Suitable Hair Clip

The type of hair clip will very much depend on the individual baby you are buying for and the amount of hair she has, is it still wispy or does she have a lot of hair? Don't worry too much though as all babies will grow into the clips as their hair starts to grow and thicken.

Hair Clip Types

Which type of hair clip is right for your little one? The answer to this question will really depend on at what stage is your baby's hair development?

We currently have four different types of hair clips in our range designed specifically for fine, wispy, fuzzy and even thick babyhair.

Mini Latch Clip

This is a popular solution for little ones with fine, wipsy hair and suitable for newborn onward. Scroll down to read more about this type of clip in detail.

latch clip for baby girl

To view the product in the picture above please click here. It is available in dozens of styles and colours.

Recommended hair: fine, wispy and fuzzy hair onward. Newborn friendly.

Simply snap back open the hair clip, feed in some gorgeous fuzzy hair as you would a comb, then release the clip.

You do not need to press this lovely clip on your babies head. Walla. The picture above shoes our snap back bow in light yellow.

As you can see from the diagram below, the mini latch clip is perfect for tiny humans with very fine and wispy hair.

how to put on a baby hair clip for fine hair

Lined Alligator Hair Clip

alligator hair clip for a baby

Recommended hair: fine wispy hair to thick hair, perhaps 2 inches in length or more. Suits newborn (with hair) to adults.

These types of clips are a shielded alligator clip. Comfortable and non-slip. Perfect for when your baby starts to grow longer hair. The majority of our baby hair clips are this style unless stated otherwise. These are also perfect for little girls and can be trusted to stay put throughout the day. You can't go wrong with an alligator clip as this is a popular style of hair clip across the ages.

French Style Baby & Kids Hair Clip

french hair clip

Recommended hair: Babies and toddlers with plenty of hair. Thicker hair types. We'd recommend at least 2inchs of length. Further this type of clip is a great clip for active children as it is known to stay put all day and night.

Hair Clip Styles

Are you stuck for what type of style you'd like? What type of hairclip is popular at the moment? Well you've come to the right place. Here we discuss the different types of style of clips available on the market today.


Are bows still popular for little girls? You bet they are. Bows will never go out of fashion and are the perfect hair accessory for a newborn baby all the way to an adult female. Types of bow available on the market today range from silky bows, grosgrain all the way to big 6 inch big bows. These are perfect to colour coordinate with your little girls outfit or add some colour to her. Pink, white or ivory are always a popular colour.

Bows come in a lot of different materials, from velvet, twill, grosgrain to chenille and more. Personally I love these little chenille fabric clips.

bluw chenille fabric bow hairclip

Bows can range from small to big bows. Big bows have become increasingly fashionable over the years following the popularity of JoJo and her habit of wearing big bows. Below is one of our medium size bows, Olivia

pink bow hair clip


Butterflies are a fun and funky way to brighten up your little girl's hair. She will just love these. Check out our beautiful butterfly clips, aren't they just wonderful?

butterfly baby hair clips

Cat Ears

Animal and cat ear hair clips are such fun. What do you think? These would be perfect as a gift for a toddler or little girl or boy. You can purchase this type of hair accessory directly from us for £2 a pair. Click here to view Kitty Cat hair clips.

cat ears baby hair clips

Pom Pom Hair Clips

A gorgeous winter hair clips. Perfect for the festive and cold season. These are bows with popular pom poms attached. Stunning! Our own model of these pom pom hair clips is called Karine and can be viewed here.

pom pom hair clips

That's about it for now folks. If you think there's something we've missed or there's a style you'd like to see please let us know! Take care everyone. View our full range of hair clips. Prices start from £1.50.